Do you have a question?Find below our FAQs

To order your Bandax, click on the “SHOP” button on the home page, or go to the “Shop” section.

To choose your size, simply measure your hand as indicated on the size guide (by clicking here), then refer to the correspondence table. In case of an intermediate size, choose the upper size (ex: 90mm –> Size L).
Note that the wrist is adjustable thanks to the extensible band.
To choose your thickness, please check your glove/mitt size and then choose the corresponding thickness.
Please note that each brand of gloves has its own reference. Thus, the space inside a glove of the same size (ex: 12oz) may vary depending on the brand.

The Pro model is equipped with a metacarpal reinforcement made of gauze (same as competition materials) and has an extensible wrist closure band. This model is customizable (color/thickness reinforcement/addition of imitation leather and/or flocking in options).
For the Elite + model, the metacarpal reinforcement is composed of a gel, for better shock absorption and a longer life span. It is mainly recommended for intensive (professional) use or in case of hand pain.

Yes, it is possible to customize the bandage online thanks to the new customization plug-in (add texts/logos). Customization is available for both Pro and Custom models.

Please contact us as soon as possible by email at contact@bandax.fr so that we can modify your order

It is possible to exchange your pair if the size does not fit you. The bandage must be returned to us unused and undamaged. The return costs are at the customer’s expense.

For each order, we inform about an average delay of one to two weeks before reception. Indeed, each bandage is handmade, to offer the best quality and the best protection for yours. So please be patient!
If you wish to be reassured, do not hesitate to send us an email (contact@bandax.fr), and we will answer you as soon as possible.